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ML - Rochester, NV
My 20 year old son was associating with the wrong group of people and got involved in a “gang assault” where two people were stabbed, and was indicted by the Grand Jury. He was facing a minimum of 3 years in prison. He had never been arrested before. Mr. Corletta’s knowledgeable and strong defense revealed a weakness in the government’s case that showed my son was not as involved as the others. This forced them to reduce the charge to a misdemeanor, where my son got only probation. He is now in college and doing well. We are very grateful to Mr. Corletta.
LM - Gates, NY
I had a Driving while Intoxicated charge with a very high BAC, and it looked like there was no way out. Mr. Corletta kept urging me to stay with it, and we continued to defend the case. After about a year and a half of fighting for me in Court, he found a defect in the case and got all of the charges dismissed. He showed me what an expert in this area he truly is.
JB - Rochester, NY
I was in a life situation and could see no way out. I went to see Mr. Corletta and explained my circumstances and with his advice and direction was able to find a legal way out of my circumstances. I always found him to be understanding and professional in all of my interactions with him. I refer him to anyone who needs help whenever I can, and am grateful for his direction and assistance.
JD - Bloomfield, NY
I have a number of priors for DWI. I was well represented by Mr. Corletta, who vigorously defended me against a DA who wanted to put me in jail. I ended up with no jail time and no probation. I would recommend Mr. Corletta to anyone.
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