Domestic Violence

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Criminal charges disrupt your life and endanger your livelihood, freedom, and relationships. When your quality of life is threatened by domestic violence charges, you deserve fair and experienced representation.

Trust Thomas A. Corletta as your domestic violence lawyer.

Domestic Violence Charges

Law enforcement may charge you with domestic violence if they believe you have committed a crime against a member of your household or family, especially a domestic partner or spouse. These situations often occur during contested divorce or custody cases.These charges are often brought by your domestic partner or spouse.

The seriousness of the charges depends upon the type of offense, the extent of any resulting injuries, and the legal circumstances surrounding the incident. Domestic violence charges may relate to any of the following:

  • Economic abuse, which occurs when a person is made intentionally dependent on another for financial stability. This is usually not criminal, and is the subject of divorce proceedings
  • Emotional abuse, which includes intentionally undermining or damaging a person’s emotional well-being; also a familiar allegation in a divorce
  • Physical abuse, which may also result in assault, or harassment charges, which are criminal or battery charges
  • Sexual abuse or assault; in rare cases where physical force becomes excessive, which can also result in separate rape charges

As a solo practitioner, we offer personal attention from an established, proven legal expert when you work with our team. In complex and sensitive cases, we take care to seek out and determine the veracity of all facts to ensure you get the best possible defense. Since we are also experienced in matrimonial and family law, we are able to apply our expertise from those cases as well.

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