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Criminal Defense Lawyer in Rochester, NY

If you face a criminal charge in Rochester, NY, you should not go to Court on your own. The justice system is difficult to navigate, and without professional help, you may not understand what your rights are or how you can effectively defend yourself. You have a Constitutional right to counsel at every stage of the case. 
When you need a criminal defense attorney, choose Thomas A. Corletta. He’ll work closely with you to mount a solid and cogent defense. Mr. Corletta aggressively pursues every case and commits himself to getting the best possible result. He’ll also ensure the court upholds your rights.
If you live anywhere in or near Rochester, NY, call Thomas A. Corletta for experienced legal counsel today.

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Learn More About Criminal Defense

When you hire a criminal defense lawyer, he or she will examine every aspect of your case. Mr. Corletta begins by checking that all arresting officers or other officials followed the law when they charged or arrested you, and when they collected evidence. He pursues discovery and pre-trial motions to ensure this.
During the trial itself, your defense attorney will remind the court that the prosecution carries the burden of proving guilt of each and every element beyond any reasonable doubt. Constitutionally speaking, you, the defendant, is presumed innocent until proven guilty.  
Finally, your lawyer’s job is to ensure that any sentence, if you are found guilty, is fair and just. In many cases, an experienced defense attorney like Thomas A. Corletta can get a sentence reduced to avoid jail.  

Choose Thomas A. Corletta as Your Criminal Defense Lawyer in Rochester, NY

Mr. Corletta has extensive experience working with clients across the state. In fact, he’s worked with thousands of people who were charged with anything from theft and robbery to assault, sex crimes and homicides, and he’s won acquittals or obtained reduced sentences in multiple cases.
When you’re working through the complicated legal system, it’s easy to feel reduced to a more statistic instead of being treated like a real person. You’ll never feel that way when you visit Mr. Corletta. He works with each client personally, instead of handing cases off to assistants or other colleagues.
An experienced lawyer should have a strong background in criminal defense, and he must also stay up to date with all changes to the law and any evolving legal trends. No matter what you were charged with or what the circumstances are, you can trust Mr. Corletta to have the most current knowledge of the law and to pursue a thorough defense using every applicable legal strategy.

Call a Lawyer and Understand Your Rights

If you’ve been arrested or charged with a crime, you have the right to speak with an attorney and are not required to speak with police.
Remember, you don’t have to prove your innocence. Instead, work with a lawyer who can make sure the state follows correct procedures and holds the government to their burden of proof.
Don’t wait. To have the best chance at building a successful defense, get in touch with our criminal defense lawyer right now at 585-546-5072.  

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