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You're a law-abiding citizen and an upstanding member of society. Unfortunately, you violated a traffic law and got a ticket. You have a hefty fine to pay, and perhaps your license is threatened. 

If you'd like to have these consequences reduced or removed, you need a lawyer experienced in local laws pertaining to traffic violations. Thomas A. Corletta is a traffic & DWI attorney in Rochester, NY who can defend you in the face of any type of traffic or DWI violation.
Mr. Corletta offers a complete array of services in respect to traffic ticket defense and or license problems. Mr. Corletta has handled well over 10,000 such cases in his career and is familiar with the Department of Motor Vehicles point systems, as well as the various regulations regarding license revocation/reinstatement. Mr. Corletta's law office is linked to the DMV computer so that prompt license information can be obtained for clients.

Mr. Corletta is also familiar with the various DMV departments and has often solved client license problems by telephoning Albany and speaking with a License Examiner. If you have a license or point problem, please do not hesitate to contact us. In addition to DWI, we have what it takes to be your experienced and 
aggressive traffic lawyer.
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Mr. Corletta is experienced in making motions to vacate guilty pleas (called "CoramNobis" motions) in order to remove points from a clients' driving record and/or restore their license after it has been suspended. He has also represented thousands of people on suspended license charges and helped them get their license back. Call now to schedule a consultation.

Trusted Experience

No matter the nature of your charge, Mr. Corletta has the experience and expertise to protect your rights. During his 36 years of service, he's defended thousands of individuals and dismissed or reduced many charges. He has appeared before the Appellate Division and the New York State Court of Appeals, and practices in 11 New York counties.

You'll benefit from Mr. Corletta's expertise in traffic violations, since he concentrates most of his practice on drinking and driving charges. Call today for a consultation with a traffic & DWI attorney in Rochester at 585-546-5072.
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